Community Forums Give Important Information

Our school district prides itself on open, two-way communication with our families and the Beavercreek community. Every effort is made to promptly and thoroughly answer any questions interested individuals have concerning school business. We continue this effort in earnest as we quickly head toward election day and the outcome of our levy initiative. Over the past couple of months, I had the privilege of presenting critical information to our community concerning school funding and the May 4 levy. Four separate forums were held at Beavercreek High School and I'm happy to say that all who attended in-person or online came away with a better picture of where the district stands and why our Board of Education put the operating levy back on the ballot. More importantly, I came away with a greater understanding of what our community wants to know from our school district. I believe it is important for Beavercreek residents to take a few minutes to review the material we presented during

Moving Toward A May 4 Ballot Issue

Our Board of Education took the first step toward placing a renewal levy on the May 4 ballot. It is expected that the Board will pass the second of two resolutions necessary to put the initiative before voters in the spring.  The levy will be a renewal, meaning that it expires after 5 years and will not raise taxes. Revenue generated from the levy will fund day-to-day operations of the school district such as teachers, technology, utilities, and classroom supplies. I encourage you to read more about the action taken by our Board of Education and to learn more about the May 4 levy initiative .

Shift to Remote and Hybrid Learning

Due to effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on families, students, and staff members, we believe it is prudent to adjust our instructional delivery model for all school buildings as a result of the issues we are seeing develop throughout the district.  It is apparent that our ability to adequately deliver a high level of in-person instruction is being compromised due to the numbers of positive COVID-19 cases, quarantines, and lack of adequate staff coverage.  Below represents a course of action that will help to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 while continuing to deliver instruction to our students. The district may adjust any facet of the following schedule if deemed necessary and will communicate any changes as soon as possible:   Grades 6-12 Thursday, 12/10/20 - Friday, 12/18/20: Remote/Online learning Monday, 12/21/20 - Friday, 1/1/21: Winter Break - No School Monday, 1/4/21 - Friday, 1/8/21: Remote/Online learning Monday, 1/11/21 - Friday, 1/15/21: Hybrid/Blended learning REMINDER:  L